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Alyssa Keys is amazing! I have had the opportunity to have a few photo shoots with her both for personal and professional use. She is so comfortable to work with. Even when I have come to her feeling frumpy and disheveled she helps me feel beautiful and blossom for the camera. She has a way of seeing the most gorgeous side of you that you can't even see yourself sometimes, and then capturing it to share with the world. Her photographs have literally helped shift the way I see myself for the better. She is not only a gifted photographer but a healer in her unique way with transformational photography.

Hello! I am Amy I live in Oakland and got married in Grass valley June 18, 2016 From start to finish Alyssa really did an amazing shoot for us. from Contacting via email Alyssa was and has been fantastic! She made me feel very easy and relaxed and i really don't like getting my photos taken but she captured the magic of our wedding day while putting me at ease and made it so much FUN!! All of our friends and family around adored her! as did we! Alyssa was SO Wonderful and knowledgable so flexible and I am So glad she was a huge part of our day! So Nice to work with! I can say her professional and artistic skills are phenomenal. My husband and i really want to do another shoot with her just for fun!! Alyssa is a talented warm and charming Sweet and gifted artist book with her!!! Perfect Fit for anyone!! wedding or otherwise! Thank you Alyssa Keys for making us so happy being a part of our day you really brought out the magic in us!! thank you! With gratitude, Amy & Sam Zuehlke

Working with Alyssa was absolutely heart opening. I started off nervous because I hadn't had photos taken of myself since my senior portrait in high school, but by the end I felt like a full fledged professional. She was encouraging and supportive in ways I would never expect from a photographer and it was well worth pushing through my initial discomfort, cuz when I got home I loved around 50 photos!

I needed headshots for my website and pregnancy photos but was feeling super shy about being in front of the camera. Alyssa was amazing. She was gentle and supportive of my shyness, as well as knowing how to inspire me out of my shell. I was impressed at how many useable shots came out of our session - I can't choose what to use! I highly recommend her for any occasion!