About Alyssa



“I am seeker of beauty and capturing the magic of this life”

My name is Alyssa Keys I am so honored to be able to take photos of you!

I am a seeker of beauty and of capturing the magic in this life and I love what I do! I live in the foothills of Grass Valley, California where I feel endlessly in love with the natural beauty that surrounds me. My passion for life has followed me since I was young and I have had a long time love affair with the art of photography. I have a gift for creating a fun, vibrant, relaxed and natural atmosphere: shoots with me will help you surrender to your amazingness!

I love working with clients of all ages and experiences, from those who are having their first professional photographs taken,  weddings, I know how to make you feel comfortable in front of me to let your true self shine through my lens.

I love doing weddings for the true essence of love! The most special day deserves to be captured in a natural and effortlessly beautiful way. I love capturing artists, dancers other inspired beings.

I inspire you to experience yourself as the light that you are.

My inspiration comes from my passion for creatively documenting vivid moments of pure amazingness and that make the moment come alive for years to come. My work is more than just photography: I capture the magic in your eyes, the light in your soul and truly give you photos of moments you will cherish forever. I want to create moments of pure expansiveness and love.

I am so happy to be a part of capturing something extraordinary as you!

I have been expanding my portfolio of beautiful moments for years: capturing portraits, families, artists, weddings, products and so much more.  Expressing Radiant Joy and Beauty.

Very much looking forward to working with you and your magic

  • I worked on location at a wedding site in Maui for 3 years and have met many wedding photographers. But few have impressed me like Alyssa. Her presence is joyful and contagious. I went on a photo shoot with her recently and within the first 5 minutes of shooting we were all laughing and continued to have the funniest easiest and incredible photo shoot. If you look through her portfolio you will see she has an incredible eye which is backed by high end cameras and editing but in my opinion it is Alyssa that will make your wedding day shine. She is an open hearted and genuinely beautiful human.
  • Hello! I am Amy I live in Oakland and got married in Grass valley June 18, 2016 From start to finish Alyssa really did an amazing shoot for us. from Contacting via email Alyssa was and has been fantastic! She made me feel very easy and relaxed and i really don't like getting my photos taken but she captured the magic of our wedding day while putting me at ease and made it so much FUN!! All of our friends and family around adored her! as did we! Alyssa was SO Wonderful and knowledgable so flexible and I am So glad she was a huge part of our day! So Nice to work with! I can say her professional and artistic skills are phenomenal. My husband and i really want to do another shoot with her just for fun!! Alyssa is a talented warm and charming Sweet and gifted artist book with her!!! Perfect Fit for anyone!! wedding or otherwise! Thank you Alyssa Keys for making us so happy being a part of our day you really brought out the magic in us!! thank you! With gratitude, Amy & Sam Zuehlke
  • Working with Alyssa was absolutely heart opening. I started off nervous because I hadn't had photos taken of myself since my senior portrait in high school, but by the end I felt like a full fledged professional. She was encouraging and supportive in ways I would never expect from a photographer and it was well worth pushing through my initial discomfort, cuz when I got home I loved around 50 photos!
  • I needed headshots for my website and pregnancy photos but was feeling super shy about being in front of the camera. Alyssa was amazing. She was gentle and supportive of my shyness, as well as knowing how to inspire me out of my shell. I was impressed at how many useable shots came out of our session - I can't choose what to use! I highly recommend her for any occasion!